How the idea was born to combine art with fashion.

kwolf (f) that is unusual, artistic animal motifs in all over print on t-shirts. kwolf (f) was founded in 2014 by Julien and Katrin Wolff, as Katrin Wolff realized that there is a large market for their distinctive designs. Katrin's unusual style as an artist proved to be a great platform for the development of a new clothing and artwork company. Your pattern and animal illustrations were outstandingly suitable for printing on various textiles, superbly could be implemented directly by the rapid development of various media such as digital printing and sublimation. In the fall of 2014, the precipitated designer t-shirts were designed, produced and photographed using your son Julien Wolff and excellent photographer quotation Albers with much love.
There were still unusual, hand-drawn designs artfully printed scarves added. The attractiveness of the label kwolf (f) is not only excellent in the originality of kwolf (f) design, but also in the quality and attention to detail that is taken into account in each step of the production process.


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